We are always looking for people who are motivated to learn and develop new tools to tackle tough research problems with their feet in basic science and a perspective on future cancer treatments. Interested graduate students, postdocs, physicians, and undergraduates are welcome to inquiry for an internship and positions at any point. Just drop me a line.

We welcome candidates from both experimental and/or computational background. Research topics in the lab usually involve both tools and we try to adapt specific projects to the background and interests of the student.



We support Postdoc candidates who are interested to join the lab and want to apply through programs such as the Humboldt Fellowship, HFSP or Marie Curie. Get in touch if you are interested in such scheme.

 Funding for PhDs might be available for specific projects and positions will be announced here and in our Twitter @Granada_Lab. We are also part of the Berlin School of Integrative Oncology (BSIO) which has a PhD recruitment round once a year.  In addition, there are multiple funding opportunities in Germany that candidates might apply. The Helmholtz Zentrum München has a well organized list of funding opportunities (see multiple funding sources here).

MSc Students and internship students. We welcome undergraduate students of all disciplines in the natural sciences extending from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to medicine, informatics and engineering. Projects can be computational, data analysis centered, or experimental.

 We offer a diverse, supportive and collaborative research environment in a top cancer research institute. There are many opportunities for you to gain training in both single-cell experimental, computational and theoretical skills. As your advisor Adrian’s role is to help you work towards your research and career goals, regardless if you are in the lab for a short internship or a 3-year stay. Joining the lab is a training opportunity for you and we will work together to make the best out of it.

If you are interested in our lab please write to adrian.granada at including a short motivation letter and complete CV.